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Posted by on Jun 25, 2010 in Distance Education | 6 comments

Reformed Distance Theological Education Programs

Reformed Distance Theological Education Programs

Since I just wrote a couple of posts assessing the value of distance theological education, I thought that I would go ahead and provide a list of some of the places that I know of that provide theological education by distance.  I’ll divide it by accreditation status, as that is simply a reality to consider these days.  This does not mean that I endorse all of the programs listed, nor that all are as academically good as the others.  It’s purely a list for reference purposes.  Additionally, some will offer a greater percentage of the degree online than others.  With doctoral programs, some may be modular programs, requiring 1-2 trips to campus per year.  One more note: I have only listed programs in the USA.  There are a number of distance degrees available through accredited educational institutions in England and South Africa that I might list later on, but for now, I’ll limit it to the USA.

Accredited Programs

Reformed Theological Seminary (Virtual Campus)

Offers a Master of Arts in Religion Degree
Modular Doctor of Ministry Available

Unaccredited Programs

Whitefield Theological Seminary

M.Div., MA, Th.M., Ph.D., Th.D., and others (100% online)

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

M.Div., MAR, Th.M. (all available 50% by distance)

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

M.Div., MA, Th.D. (can be completed largely by distance)

Reformed Baptist Seminary
B.Div., M.Div., MTS (all by distance)

Birmingham Theological Seminary

M.Div., several M.A. degrees, D.Min. (campus and distance)

Christ Theological Seminary

M.Div., MA Christian Studies, MA Philosophy and Apologetics available by distance

I may have missed some places, but these are some of the primary ones that I’ve come across.  Two notes: (1) The unaccredited programs are a lot cheaper than the accredited ones.  However, if one still wants an accredited degree, it is possible sometimes to transfer credit from one of the unaccredited programs into an accredited program in order to save money. (2) I’ve (for the most part) listed only programs from a generally Reformed perspective.  If I were to go too much beyond that parameter, the list would expand exponentially.


  1. You have missed Erskine Seminary & their modular MDiv. They will accept distence credits such as thouse from Haddington House that are only $150 per course.

    • Thanks for mentioning that, but I just looked at the Erskine website, and it appears that the modular M.Div. has been discontinued, though if they reopen it, I’ll put it up here. I forgot about Haddington House though, I might list them on here after I go remind myself of what they have to offer.

  2. Is Columbia a good school? I would love to get my MDiv from a Reformed Seminary but there are not that offer the MDiv online. I cannot go to Seminary. I am 48 and married. Columbia and Liberty are the only ones that I see and Liberty is not an option for me. I lost all respect due to the Ergun Caner fiasco.

    Do you know about LIberty?

    • I meant do you know about Columbia? Sorry

      • Columbia is a good school, but it is not Reformed. While there is some Reformed influence, it is not a Reformed school as say RTS is.

        I just graduated from the RTS MAR program, and I highly recommend it. Birmingham’s M.Div. can largely be acquired by distance, but it does require some residency.